David Storm

Who I Am

My name is David Storm, or “Papa” as many family members now call me.  I strive to be a kind and generous person who does his best to seek the good in everything around me.  I am a people person, I love to interact with people of all ages and use my sense of humor as well as genuine interest when getting to know someone.  I am a strong believer that every person is capable of doing great things.  Being honest and humble about who you are, believing in and being grateful for the life you have is key.  My father once left me a note when I was a teenager, and it read:  “You are what you think about” and I am reminded of that daily.

What I Do

I am foremost a husband of 25 years to my wife, Cathy.  I am also a father to three children and a grandfather of one.  Professionally, I am a fishing lure designer.  My father owned a fishing lure manufacturing company for nearly 40 years, and growing up around his business helped me start my own in 2003.  Owning my own manufacturing and distribution business has been an adventure, but I am grateful for the opportunity and blessed to be able to do something that I enjoy for a career.  I do not get on the water as much as I would like to, but occasional trips to the lake are a welcome break.  I love trees, flowers, birds and wildlife, and enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible.


Where I Live

My family and I live in Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma Sooners.  I am a great fan of OU athletics, I’m an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, and enjoy attending an NBA game from time to time.  Living in Oklahoma all of my life has allowed me to appreciate the quality of life that this state affords its citizens; our cost of living here is considerably less than states and cities with much larger populations.  This allows my family and I to live comfortably and enjoy living our lives without too much worry.

Why I Beard

The main reason that grow my beard is that I can alter my appearance on a whim.  I am blessed with a relatively heavy beard, and am able to change my appearance as often as I wish. I know that many men have difficulty growing beards, but I have had facial hair since 8th grade, and have never gone long periods of time without it!  Most of the time I grow it to a shape and length that is comfortable and easy to maintain (I dislike shaving).  If I do happen to shave it off I immediately hear “Grow it back!” from most of my friends and family members as they are not used to seeing me with a smooth face!  Expressing my personality by changing my facial appearance has always been a source of pleasure and entertainment to me.  Using specially formulated beard shampoos and softeners along with occasional oil or balm makes grooming and upkeep very simple. I think this way:  If you can grow it, then by all means, grow it!


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