Different Beard Styles and Options When You Have a Few Patches

Eric is in front of our lovely brick wall again to talk about how he deals with his beard patches. Let's be clear though, he's not saying he has a patchy beard. He's saying he has a beard that's got some patches in it. Everyone's beard is different though. Some guys have thick chins, some have thick sideburns, and some have really thick beards all over. The reality is that almost every single guy out there wishes there was something different about their beard. It can range from wishing it was thicker or that the waves were different, to an entirely different color and consistency. It's your own beard, and you have to embrace it.

Eric has come to terms with his patches. The first patches you might see are the ones right below your bottom lip next to your soul patch area. They aren't really patches, cause the normal beard pattern, and the majority of guys' beards, grow in much thinner in those areas. Greg talks about how he covers them by combing his soul patch to either side. Personally, Eric doesn't really mess with that. He just grows out his mustache and covers up those patches. Even if his stache wasn't that big, he still wouldn't worry about. The patches are too small to bat an eye at.

It's his cheeks that give him the most grief. They grow in ok, but it's the thickness that makes it seem patchy. Right around the ear lobe is where his beard is at its thinnest. The best technique for that is to keep it a little bit shorter. When his beard grows naturally, it gets these waves in it. Those waves really bring out the patches even more. He uses a blow dryer and a boars bristle brush to help it lay straight. A great tip is to carve your cheek line closer to where your hair is thickest will really bring some fullness to your beard.

He's usually pretty low maintenance with his beard, putting in beard oil or beard balm and continuing on with the rest of his day. His beard also tends to curve outward in a bit of a wave. To combat this, he fluffs his beard out to separate the hairs, lets them fall over on each other, then shapes it all together. Another technique doesn't even have you touch your beard. Focus on your hair and making it look cooler so people's eyes will be drawn to the top of your face. Or grow a huge mustache to get attention away from your patches.

If you have a patchy cheek or a patchy chin, just rock some stubble in those areas and grow what you can. It's ok not to have a thick beard at every part of your face. Grow what you want to confidence level you have. To wrap up; embrace your patches and be real with it, grow what you got, direct the eye toward your strength, and keep your beard trimmed appropriately to maximize the look of your beard





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Eric Bandholz, Founder