Do Beard Vitamins Work?

—Urban Beardsman

We here at Urban Beardsman are all about putting the best into our bodies in order to get the best out of them, however, from time to time we all take a more casual approach to our health and enjoy a few extra beers or an indulgent meal. As part of keeping our bodies up to speed sometimes it’s best to opt for vitamins and supplements and lucky for us, there are already a number of beard-specific vitamins on the market to help improve the health of your beard.

Do they really work? Well, according to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, the answer is maybe. Basically, these vitamins, from brands such as VitaBeard and Beardilizer, are designed to optimize the growth of your beard hair. However, if you’re already doing your part by treating your body with respect and keeping a balanced diet, then the vitamins probably aren’t going to increase your beard growth much. Conversely, if your dietary habits aren’t currently at their best then these vitamins can help increase your beard’s health and its ability to grow.

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