Do You Have a Hybrid Beard?

—Urban Beardsman

Are you rocking a hybrid beard? Do you want to give one a try? Then today’s video is for you – Eric is going over a variety of hybrid beard styles, showing you examples, and explaining how you can rock one if you’re so inclined.

First up, the Arabic Beard. This is a quite common beard variation: the cheeks and chin are full and the mustache is trimmed down to a much shorter length, maybe even down to stubble. While this one is similar to The Whaler or the Amish Beard, there is a distinct difference in that The Whaler/Amish boasts a completely shaved mustache.

Next up is the Beardstache. To get this look, the mustache is grown out quite long and full, and the cheeks are trimmed down to stubble. This is a common cowboy type of look and is becoming a very popular look.

The third hybrid style is the Scruffy Goat. With a strong and fuller goatee tied in with stubble-length cheeks, Eric feels that the goatee in general is making a strong comeback and the Scruffy Goat style is a cool new twist on the classic look.

Number four is the polar opposite of the Scruff Goat, an that’s the Scruffburns. Think Wolverine – the Marvel character is probably the most popular example of this look, and it entails letting the cheeks grow longer and shaving down the goatee to stubble.

The key to any of these styles is going to be the pairing of a prominent piece of your beard – say the mustache or the goatee – with a much shorter complementing area, thus creating a strong separation between styles, but still creating a fun, unique combination of looks. So go forth, get creative, and beard on!

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