Dressing For Your Beard Color

—Urban Beardsman

Not that it’s something guys like to talk about. Perhaps in deep conversation in dark corners of a local bar. Or to their partner when they’ve had too many glasses of wine. Or even to their parents when the weight of the world is just too much too much to bear. Choosing what to wear each and every day is a trial in and of itself, but when you’ve got facial hair it can be damn near impossible. The most important decision is what colors to wear on top, closest to your beard. What do you wear when your beard has been tinged with gray? Or has an auburn undernote? Well, all of the answers to this age old question lie just ahead. Venture on and find out what to wear for your beard color.

Dark Colored Beards (i.e. brown and black)

First off, do we call men with dark hair brunettes? I feel like there should be another word for a dark haired man. Bru-dudes? Hmm, maybe it is just brunettes. Regardless, for the most part, in the conversation of dressing for your beard color, I would say that brunettes, contrary to popular belief, have the most fun. For the most part you can get away with pretty much anything. However, something to keep in mind when dressing for dark beards. Dark beards against a dark palette while not wrong by any means, will subdue the glory of your beard. It will tend to blend in to that dark backdrop. If you are looking to show off your beard stick to colors that will make your beard pop and get noticed; light colors, particularly white, always look good with dark beards.

Blonde Colored Beards (Dirty blonde included)

Blondes, like brunettes, have a relatively easy time when it comes to dressing for their beard. Blonde beards can get away with pretty much anything. They don’t have the problem of minimizing their beard with dark colors, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Dark backgrounds are the perfect way for blonde beards to shine. Light colors also do a good job of highlighting the splendor of a blonde beard. One color that seems to be the kryptonite for blonde beards is gray. Gray clothing can really wash out a guy with a blonde beard. This isn’t to say that men with blonde beards can never wear gray but just be aware that gray can make you appear drab and isn’t doing your beard any favors

Ginger Beards

Oh gingers, you definitely have to think about what you wear. While your beard is a brilliant mix of crimson and orange tones, it can be difficult to pick out the right pieces. For one, you don’t want to clash with your beard. It will make both you and your beard stand out for all the wrong reasons. On the other hand, matching too much can lead to some disastrous consequences. For one, I just think there’s something off about sporting bright green with a ginger beard. I don’t know if it’s the mix of red and green that reminds me of a Christmas tree or it’s just that the color combo is so opposite it stands out. Whatever it is, try to avoid it.

Another color that is definitely tough for redheads, especially those with facial hair to pull off is the color red. Although I’ve got brown hair, as I said, I am part Irish and when my beard is in its longer stages it definitely has some auburn tones to it so I can speak from a little bit of experience here. The color red next to a reddish toned beard clashes too much and can look pretty jarring. On top of that, redheads (and again I’m speaking from experience) tend to have reddish undertones in their skin as well which is only emphasized more by wearing the color red. Lesson? Stay away from red. A better option is to opt for a maroon. It’s still in the warm tone family but works so much easier with ginger beards. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that maroon looks best on gingers. Win for the redheads.

Gray Beards (i.e. gray, salt and pepper, white, etc.)

Guys with gray, whether mere hints of it streaked throughout or those who have gone full blown gray, can pretty much do whatever the hell they want. Whether the truth holds up or not, they look distinguished and wise and therefore have free reign over what they want to wear. Aside from their distinguished demeanor, gray goes with literally everything. Whether paired with cool blues, warm earth tones, or variations of white and black, gray will always be in style.

Dressing for your beard requires a little bit of thought and while there are some cons to each of the colors, there are tons of way to both embrace your beard and make it a stylish statement along with their rest of your wardrobe. And what does it really matter anyways, we’ll all go gray at some point and they’re the clear winners. Long live the gray beard!

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