Every Guy (and Ladies too) Should Be Using These Sea Salt Spray Tips

—Josh Lawson

Carlos is back in the booth, or his recording room rather, to talk about Sea Salt Spray and why men should be using it! It's one of the most versatile products you can be using for your hair. The spray is very fashionable to use in the summer time. It really gives you a lot of texture and it super easy to mold. Carlos has used tons of different brands, but he always comes back to us. He comes back to using our spray because it's got an ingredient not many other brands use, White Clay (Kaolinite)! All the other ingredients are all natural; purified water and magnesium salt. No parabens, sulfates, silicones. No crap, really!

You can use it on dry or wet hair depending on what you want to achieve. Shaking it up is a necessity to get the clay mixed in with the water. Make sure to cover your hair with a few sprays and work it into the roots, then put it into the style you want and just let it dry. Once it drys your hair gets a little bounce to it, and your hair can just go right back to the position you had it in. You can also use it as a base. Apply it, dry your hair, then add whatever product you normally use. That'll give you texture base, and your product will hold it in place more.

In moderation it has a lot of benefits. But, if you use too much it can dry out your skin and hair. It has salt in it, and that absorbs moisture. That's what gives it texture and matte. So, just be careful how often you use it. Carlos suggests that you wash and condition your hair on the days you use it. If you use it every once in a while you should be fine though. On the other hand, it's also great for guys who have naturally oily hair.

Now for using it on damp hair. Just spray it like usual (after you shake it of course), and mix it around in your hair. You can either mold it with your hair and let it dry, or use a blow dryer. Use medium heat and just blow it in the direction you want your hair to go. It'll give you tons of lift and grip, almost as if you just got back from the beach.

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