Everything You Need To Know About a Boar's Hair Beard Brush

This Is Not a New Discovery

You've heard the term "boar's hair" before in your quest for a quality grooming brush. In fact, boar's hair has been used in brush manufacturing for decades. The unmatched quality and performance of boar's hair is actually not a total coincidence. 

Lucky for us, all the benefits that come with brushing the hair on your head actually pertain to brushing your beard as well! Many beardsmen are set in their ways with choosing combs over a brush. Combs do an excellent job of detangling and training your beard hair. However, after learning about the health benefits of using a boar bristle brush, you might consider throwing both into your daily grooming routine.

What's So Special About Boar's Hair 

So why exactly is boar's hair so much better than a simple, synthetic nylon bristles? The science is in the texture. According to Anthony Morrocco, boar's hair is actually quite similar to human hair. With the same qualities of the hair growing out of our own heads and faces, boar's hair works through our hair and scalps without aggravating the skin or the hair follicles. 

The benefits brushing your hair, and in this instance your beard, regularly are proven time and time again. For starters, brushing regularly increases the blood flow to your hair follicles. More blood flow promotes healthy, and even sometimes faster growth. This doesn't mean that after a few brushes your beard will go from patchy to bearded glory, but it will stimulate the follicles. 

Next up, brushing you beard with a boar's hair brush can help break up any debris that get's caught in your beard and on your skin. This is also beneficial if you regularly use styling products in your beard or hair.  Believe it or not, a stiffer brush can actually help unclog pores if used often enough. This can help combat ingrown hairs that are often found throughout a beard. 

It Works On All Hair Types

Have oily hair and/or beard? Than you should definitely look into getting your hands on a boar's bristle brush. The bristles of the brush absorb the natural sebaceous oils sitting on your skin, then redistributes the oil to the rest of the your hair. This will make your roots look healthier and less weighed down.

Since the brush takes the oils off of your scalp or face, and distributes it evenly on the hair and beard strands, your hair strands will be given an extra shine. Coating your hair strands also adds a layer of protection to your hair and keep the strands from becoming brittle and splitting or breaking.

If you have a dry beard, and tend to need more beard oil or beard balm, the boar bristle brush can benefit you as well. Even if you tend to have slower producing oil glands, the sebaceous oils still get trapped below the hair strands and sit on your face. Raking the natural oils through the rest of the beard will actually act as a conditioner. The added moisture will control the frizz and dryness all at the same time. 

Lastly, as mentioned before, using a boar bristle brush can help moisturize your beard. Constant levels of healthy oil distribution will help avoid dead ends in your beard hair. fewer dead ends combined with increased blood flow should help your beard grow strong and healthy. 

The Boar's Bristle Brush offered by Beardbrand is 100% boars hair. The bristled are designed to be just the right stiffness for your beard. Remember to clean your brush regularly to achieve the best results. 


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Eric Bandholz, Founder