Evolve Your Style

—Urban Beardsman

Whether you’re fashion-minded or not, every man has a style. This stems from how you dress to your grooming habits to everything in between, but the way you present yourself, and the amount of thought you put into that, says a lot about someone before they’re even allowed to speak. Although you might have come to a good place style-wise, it’s always important to keep improvising and furthering how you approach it.

According to Beardbrand founder, and all around stylish guy, Eric Bandholz, the style you’re currently rocking is from the peak point in your life. However, just as men in the 1970's got comfortable with mustaches and some in the 1980's with mullets, you get comfortable with a look and in turn you become averse to change. It’s important to always be evolving your style and pushing your limits past your comfort zone. Each of these things helps you improve yourself and better yourself as a whole as a man.

It’s also important to keep in mind that each style you try doesn’t have to be particularly unique or flashy. Always look into ways to improve your style through grooming and your clothing by holding onto some of your favorite looks or pieces, but mixing them with new items to find new ways of styling yourself.

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