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Fashion and Shopping

Eric and Clayton are joined by Urban Beardsman’s Editor in Chief Currie Corbin to talk men’s fashion and shopping. The guys discuss the idea of “heritage style” – a style direction that embrace old style craftsmanship, use vintage style as inspiration, and create timeless pieces of clothing.

Eric questions if today’s style will eventually be looked upon as “trendy” and temporary, but Currie insists that the core pieces men are wearing today – like denim jackets and jeans – are timeless pieces that are always in style and fashionable, regardless of the time period. He also suggests focusing on the basics – look for individual pieces that you can pick up in your travels and incorporate into your wardrobe over the next few seasons and years.

The guys also suggest steering clear of trendy pieces and fast-fashion, which is disposable clothing (provided by places like H&M, Zara, and the like) that is being produced so quickly that they are of a very low quality and fall apart after a few washes. The key is to think quality over quantity – spending a bit more on a piece means you’re often getting higher quality that will last a longer time and be an overall better investment.

Currie also talks about how to keep your wardrobe fresh, how to thrift shop, and what to do with your old pieces you aren’t wearing anymore. Check out today’s episode to learn more about how to shop smart, how to piece together a timeless wardrobe, and what to look for when you’re shopping.


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