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—Urban Beardsman

When it comes to growing your beard or hair out or making any sudden change to your personal style, identifying your inspiration is key to following through and staying the course on your own journey. Of course, when we do these things we tend to focus on the negative aspects, such as thinning hair or beard patchiness, and overlook everything that’s awesome about what we’re doing. Lucky for us, there are some easy ways to combat dawning on the negative side of things.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, the key is to celebrate your uniqueness and focus on the positives. Do some of us have thinner beards towards our cheeks? Absolutely. Are some of us spotting more grey in our hair each day? You bet. However, once you make that shift and celebrate the things that make your appearance yours, you’ll feel more confident and inherently more you.

Lastly, if you’re looking for further inspiration, Bandholz recommends heading to Tumblr or Pinterest and curating your own boards to seek out new tips for personal style and beardspiration. All of this will empower you to focus on the positives, enjoy the good in your life, and find the style that makes you happiest.

For any other questions regarding finding your own beard or style inspiration, send us a tweet @bandholz.

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