Five Guidelines for Rocking the Gray/Silver/White Beard | George Bruno

—Parker Mallouf

Today we have a special guest appearance by the one and only George Bruno aka Gray Bailey.

Having a gray beard is awesome, but keeping it awesome takes time, patience, and attention to detail. George offers his 5 most important tips on how you can keep your silver face forest looking better than ever.

1. Focus more on beard care, than beard trimming - There are infinite shades of gray. Use this to your benefit and allow the colors to create dimensions

2. Be aware of foods/drinks that can discolor the beard - Anything and everything shows up on a gray/white beard. Be aware of certain foods that might cause your beard to change color.

3. Condition Obsessively - Light colored beards have a different texture. After the gray/white color begins to dominate your facial hair, you'll notice your beard beginning to soften up. This is especially evident when your beard becomes longer.

4. Change the overall color schemes of your wardrobe - When your beard begins to become dominantly white/gray, try to wear darker clothing. nothing compliments your beard than a nice steady contrast in colors.

5. Rock the wisdom - It's no secret that men with beards are viewed differently than men without them. This is especially true for white beards. typically speaking, a white beard signifies you've been on this earth a bit longer than most people. Use this as a chance to share your wisdom and intelligence with the people around you.

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