Five Signs That it Might Be Time to Trim Your Beard

—Urban Beardsman

Peak summer is upon us. Regardless of where you’re at north of the equator, it’s getting hotter, more humid, and all around sweatier. To add to the smouldering state of day-to-day life this time of year, most of us have an additional layer of face fur to lock in the heat during the toastiest months. Although we’ve talked about some of the realities of rocking a summertime beard previously, there’s one idea that we didn’t introduce, one which we almost shudder to suggest: trimming your beard.

This might sound like ‘hairesy’ to some, but a quick trim of your beard can bring a lot of positives to the table in terms of maintaining your beard’s, and therefor your, health. Of course, there are exceptions here to consider. To all of the men striving for a yeard, we salute you. However, for the rest of you out there, let’s look at some of the signs that it might be time to trim your beard.

When Your Beard Becomes A Fire Hazard

If there’s one thing that summertime begs for, it’s open flames. Fireworks, grilling, and campfires are all staples of summer nights, however, adding a long beard into the equation can make things tricky. For the most part, beards and fire don’t tend to get along and having to worry about your face catching on fire isn’t something that any of really want to have to think about as we’re enjoying a beer, a hot dog, and/or admiring a beautiful sunset. Simply put, once your beard reaches the point where it can be put into the same hazardous category as a chair in a doorway or an aluminum can in a microwave, it might be time to consider a little trim to make sure both you and your beard make it past Labor Day.

When You Find Food (or Anything Else) In Your Beard

If there’s one clear sign that it might be time to trim the ol’ face hedges, it’s when you start discovering unidentified debris in your beard. Upon realizing this, first take a minute to take pride in the fact that you’ve grown a hearty enough beard capable of trapping items out of the air, however, once you’ve savored your moment of reflection, it might be time to give your beard a much needed trim. Is it fun to store snacks in your beard for later? Of course it is, but unless you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or happen to be marching with a roman legion, probably not the most beard-friendly organization in history, you should opt for a pack or use of your pockets for food storage rather than relying on your beard to carry the weight.

When Your Significant Other Insists

Do many men and women love beards? Of course, no question about it. However, your significant other probably enjoys your face as well. Although there are many folks out there that love nothing more than a beardsman who has gone all in on growing a wizard-worthy face mane, there are others who prefer their beards to compliment their fellas’ faces rather than hiding any sign of them. What’s important here is to not take it personally. If your boyfriend or girlfriend casually mentions that your beard’s “getting a little long,” they aren’t trying to attack you, they’re probably just hinting that they wouldn’t mind you trimming it down a bit. Unless you only started growing a beard recently, these people are probably your beard’s biggest fans and they just want to make sure you’re looking fly. Best of all? Your beard always grows back.

When Your Beard Starts Getting Stuck Places

The zipper is an amazing invention. So are adjustable windows and elevator doors. However, each of these things are also hazardous to your beard and capable of causing you a world of hurt if your beard gets caught in any of these places. Now the likelihood that your beard is long enough where it could make closing your car windows dangerous is pretty slim, but for those of you who face this reality, it might be time to trim your beard down, both for your own safety and for those around you. Whether it’s closing the fruit drawer in your refrigerator or getting your beard stuck under the elbow of whomever you share your bed with, anywhere your beard can get stuck it will so it’s best for a beardsman to take precautions when he can.

When You Need A Change of Pace For Your Style

No matter how important style is to you, having a beard definitely sends a message to onlookers about who you are and what you represent. Beards are a great way to make a statement stylistically, however, after a certain amount of time you might have the urge to mix things up if you’re feeling stagnant with your style. Although some might opt for just a mustache or, even more crazy, going completely shaven, we suggest giving your beard a trim in order to change up your appearance and your overall look. It might not seem like much, just taking anywhere from a quarter to a full inch off your beard, but it can drastically change your appearance and sometimes we could all use a little change of pace when it comes to how we’re viewed when we arrive at a party, enter the office, or meet a date. Change, my fellow beardsmen, is a beautiful thing.

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