Forced to shave beard

—Eric Bandholz
Forced to shave beard

There comes a time in almost all beardsmen lives where they are forced to shave their beard. They are given an ultimatum and must make a decision for what is most important in their lives. Fortunately, those instances are becoming less and less with time, but there are still many bigots towards beardsmen.

I want to talk about to handle the change in appearance, what you can do to deal with being forced to shave and how to keep a positive mindset. Every situation is different and I’m not going to be able to cover every scenario – but there are a lot of common themes.

The most common is that being forced to shave comes from a preference of another individual – usually a boss or a loved one. Weddings & funerals seem to be a significant cause of many beardless faces. You’ve gotta decide how hard you want to fight for your beard, but for simplicity of this argument it will be assumed you shaved or trimmed down significantly.

Now the biggest emotional response you need to deal handle is the idea that someone else has control over your body and your decisions in life. This can feel like a violation and take a lot of wind out of your sails. The reality is that you were the one to make the decision to shave your beard, not anyone else. You could have kept your beard and dealt with the alternatives – which could be a lost job or lost friend.

Since you do have control in your life and you are the one making the decisions, then you can begin to start the process to control the way you look. That means if you lost your beard for work, you start looking for a new job; if you lost your beard to a loved one, then to continue working on communication techniques to help them understand how important your beard is to you; or if you lost your beard to a special event, well the event’s over – start growing.

There will be situations where you will need to totally embrace the shave. If you’ve read or watched a lot of my work, you may find it pretty odd for me to make that statement. Well, there may be times, like needing surgery or becoming a firefighter, where being beardless is required. While it’s going to suck to lose a part of yourself, the opportunities for improving your situation should be embraced and warmly welcomed. Simply put, there is nothing more important than your health, because if you weren’t around I can’t sell you all the cool stuff we have on Beardbrand.

Now that the beard is off your face, or greatly trimmed it’s time to gather your bearings. First thing’s first – you no longer have the awesome facial hair that you use to have. The quicker that you come to terms with that, the better your situation. Take comfort in knowing that beards grow back and you’ve already been able to grow to a certain length and you’ll be able to do that again.

Also, celebrate the improved patience that you’ve developed from your beard growing experience. After having a long beard, months and years don’t seem as long as they did in the past. Ultimately, the big thing to remember about the whole ordeal is that you have control of your life and you make the decisions and suffer the consequences and lavish in the benefits. Your actions, not your words, are an example of how you prioritize things in your life.

You aren’t the first man to lose a beard, and you certainly aren’t the last. Enjoy all the cupcakes, hot wings, and loaded hotdogs while you can – because you know that the beard is coming back.

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