Fostering Confidence Through a Beard Trim

Josh Lawson

Greg is back to talk about how you're the most aware of your beard than anyone around you. By now you will have seen that he got a beard trim. He warned people prior to November 1st that he would get a trim, and sure enough, he did. At the barbershop, he showed a previous photo of himself that he wanted to go back to. Justin, his barber, was honestly shocked and almost refused to do the trim.

The other barbers gathered around and commented how Greg was crazy for wanting to do that style again. After a little back and forth, they agree to do the trim. The cut happened in two stages, so it wouldn't be a complete shock. By the second stage, he was having doubts himself. It was noticeably shorter and he eventually got used to it, but the difference between cut and uncut is about 3 inches. On Instagram, he posted photos he took the day-of, and the day after, and not one person commented about the change.

That made him think that his beard is more important to him than it is to his fans. It got him thinking that we see these little changes in our beards, that we are so concerned with trimming a small amount of hair when in reality it isn't a huge deal. Your beard affects you the most since it is on your face and you are the most aware of it.

The whole point of today's video is that we put a lot of emphasis on our facial hair and these little nuances of how it's trimmed, cut, or styled, and get hung up over the amount of time or concern we have toward taking care of ourselves. It can often lead to us missing out on life. It may sound like a rant, but that's not the goal. Even if you spend a lot of time on your beard, that's not a bad thing. But if you do that trying to make it look perfect you're gonna miss out on a lot of opportunities.

What you present to other people, and the confidence you exude has little to do with how you style your beard, but rather how you carry yourself. When you're having a bad beard day, or don't want to trim it, just think about how you can carry yourself differently. In the end, sometimes the best thing you can do for your beard is cut it shorter.

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  • love the beard long or shorter. and i agree with what you are saying here . i keep my beard very short and i like the way it looks on me. so its all about what the guy wants and hell it will always grow back if you think you cut off to much. beard on always

    robin laine on

  • I think you look better trimmed. Your beard now looks like it is in better proportion with your head. I understand how invested guys get in their beards, if they can grow one- I am that way myself- but I think you’re right that you can make what seems to you to be a pretty significant change and no one will notice (unless you shave it all off). I honestly believe there’s a little Sampson in all of us, but I also think a little change now and then is good. If you really don’t like it, you can let it grow back.

    BOb on

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