Founder's Thoughts on Developing a Men's Sea Salt Spray

—Eric Bandholz
Founder's Thoughts on Developing a Men's Sea Salt Spray

It was five years ago I was a completely different man, but all that was about to change. I had just left my job as a financial advisor and was having an early mid life crisis. I had a bland corporate type of style for my office jobs - white button ups and baggy suits filled my closet. I had tons of ties, and the only thing that seemed to be any type of style was my funky socks.

Back then I was cheap. I would only get hair cuts at places that charged $15 or less and always walked out with a haircut I hated. Instead of upgrading the services, I decided to simply cut my own hair.

As you can imagine, I was an unremarkable man with absolutely no style. My career was fluttering, my family was struggling with infertility, and I was floating through life with no purpose or vision. I was optimistic and wanted good things to happen to me, but I didn't know how to get started.

It was at that point that I decided to grow the longest beard of my life. When I started I set goals of 3 months, then 6 months and finally up to the yeard. For me, growing my beard was the spark I needed to get my life in order.

The beard opened my world to style, confidence, and success.

Back then there were a lot of negative stereotypes regarding beardsmen. I never thought that was a fair treatment of a man and his choice to grow his beard. It was through interacting with the bearded community that I met others who shared similar background to me. This is when I got the idea for Beardbrand and the term "urban beardsman."

The beard was the window into my style. As I grew and maintained my beard, I began to invest more into myself. I finally went to an experienced hair stylist (props to Sebastian Lightfoot) and got a haircut that was worth a damn. I quit shopping the sale racks, and started buying fewer, higher quality clothes. These were clothes that fit and were exactly my style. With a new found style, my confidence began to grow.

Not only was my style coming together, but Beardbrand was taking off and even more importantly - my wife delivered our first child. And to think, all this started with me deciding to grow my beard out.

This article is a bit long winded, and there is a point. Beardbrand fosters style for the urban beardsman. More importantly, Beardbrand has mirrored my personal growth as a man.

It represents who I am as an individual and how I want to make a difference for the world. We aren't a beard care company trying to push products every last minute. We are an organization that is trying to help men become better; to improve their style, and to improve themselves. It's why we invest so much into delivering content that is beyond the products we sell.

For my journey, my investment in myself started with taking care of my beard and Beardbrand offers great beard care products. Once I figured out how to invest in myself, I realized there is much more than the beard.

It's with great excitement that we are introducing our first hair care product, the sea salt spray. The beard will always be at the core of our mission, but to foster style we must go beyond the beard. Beardbrand is a men's grooming company and we have quite the road map of new products for your beard, body, and hair.

It's an exciting time to be a beardsman and I appreciate you taking the time to read about my story. As always, thanks for everything and beard on!

Eric Bandholz

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