Four Biggest Tattoo Mistakes

—Urban Beardsman

Ready to get some ink? Not so fast, amigo. Before you go under the tattoo gun to score some sweet body art, take Carlos’ advice and make sure you avoid these four tattoo faux pas.

1) Being impulsive. You have to know what you want in terms of your tattoo, but beyond that, you have to know about the artist who is going to do your piece, and the studio you’re going to use. Do your due diligence and research what you’re doing!

2) Cost. Cheaper is not always better. Some people decide before they even do their first bit of research that they just want their tattoo to cost as little as possible. If you focus on the cost instead of the quality of the artist, you’re going to walk away with plenty of regret, and a tattoo that is sub-par.

3) Drunk tattoos. If you’re wasted while you’re getting your ink, you’re not thinking straight nor are you making the best decisions. Furthermore, if a studio is willing to take you in and tattoo you while you’re drunk, they probably aren’t the kind of spot you want to be getting tattooed in.

4) True love. Ok, we get it, you’re in love and you want to show it. Give your significant other roses, give them a foot rub – don’t permanently tattoo their name on your body.

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