How Genetics Come into Play When Growing a Beard

—Josh Lawson

Greg is back again, but this time he has a special guest. He's brought his son, Victor along for the video today. Usually, Victor is behind the lense and editing Greg's videos, but Greg thought it fitting to interview him during No Shave November. Most people don't get the chance to see what he looks like unless they catch him in the reflection when Greg is at the barbershop.

Greg has mentioned in previous videos that he gets a lot of questions asking why his son doesn't have a beard. As you can see in the video, Victor has a little bit of stubble. He hasn't shaved for about three weeks, and it's really the first time he's really let his facial hair grow out. He wanted to see how it would look and this is where he's at right now.

Victor is actually surprised by the amount of facial hair he has been able to grow so far. His sideburns come in the thickest and almost reach his eye. The hair he grows goes all the way around his chin, but not his upper lip. The famous Berzinsky stache alludes him at this point in his life. It's a little surprising to the both of them.

Victor is 20- years-old, and his Greg's oldest child. He also has an 18-year-old daughter. At 20, Greg had a mustache and goatee, so Victor is doing pretty much the opposite of his father at that age. Even though there is a genetic component to your hair, both beard and on your head, Greg's grey is on par with the rest of his family, but the beard is out of the ordinary. You won't know what kind of facial hair you can grow until you go past a certain point.

They share the same hair pattern, the same nose, and even the same weaker patch areas. Right now Victor isn't really the biggest fan of his facial hair. He's let it grow out before, but a 3-4 day beard for him is pretty much just 5-o'clock shadow look, which he really enjoys, but growing it out to a longer length is very enjoyable for him right now. He honestly doesn't think he'll make it to the end of November before shaving it off.

In general, if you can grow a beard and it looks good, then more power to you. For those of you who can't, or you don't enjoy it, then you don't have to. It might not be for you, or you might not be ready for it yet, both are okay. When you let your beard grow in, that's when you can take inventory. Sometimes it can take up to three months. If that's the case, then usually you can choose to highlight the areas that grow in the thickest or if those patches will be covered up.

If you want some options, you can go with a chin strap. That highlights the growth of your sideburns and chin. Another option would be to rock the Wolverine look, Victor can see it for the colder winter months, but not really for the long run. Once again, if you see that what you want isn't growing in, you can shave and try again at a later time. There's nothing wrong with that.

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