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Get a Beard Like "The Mountain" From Game of Thrones

Keith is in Gentleman & Rogues Club today. He's got the biggest beard down south, so introductions are just a formality at this point. Charlie is gonna give him a 3 on top, then a 1 along the back and sides to blend it in. For the beard, Keith wants to curve the edges of the jaw and take a little bit off the stache.

Charlie starts at about the temple and works his way around. This creates a baseline for him to follow later in the cut. He wanted a 3 on top and 1 along the back and sides which makes the fade part really easy. If anyone out there owns a shop or works at one, it's a great way to practice getting good at fades. Cause if they have one guard down on top, you have a huge area to perfect your blend. Charlie works through the guards and flicks at the baseline he created. To get rid of the slight weight line, he does a bit of scissor over comb. The detailers are used to get rid of the little neck hairs.

For the beard, Charlie uses a fade brush to get the beard going in all one direction. Keith keeps his beard looking a bit natural and only clean up a few strays so his patches can catch up. Charlie uses a detailer to create that line and sharpens up the line near the ear. He repeats this on both sides, then gives a little tip: if you don't trust your hands, place the spine of a comb where you want your line, and trim up to it. That way you know can't go anywhere below that comb.

For the bulk of the beard, Charlie combs Keith's beard in the shape that he normally wears it and trims away all the flyaways and stray hairs. He makes sure to angle his hand where he needs around the beard. At the corner of the jaw, he does a bit of point cutting all the way across. Then, he freehands his way around the front of the beard and around the chin to enhance the rounded look. The detailers are used to trim the neckline, then he uses a cut-throat razor to sharpen the cheeks.

For the stache he combs it to either side and parts it down the middle. Charlie trims away the little hairs that fall in front of his lip, arching his hand as he goes. After that, the trim is done! They finish up with some Old Money beard oil worked in Keith's beard!





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