Get Good Tattoos

—Urban Beardsman

Carlos is talking tattoos, and he’s got some tips on how to find the right tattoo artist.

The most common and easiest ways to find a good artist are to ask some of your tattooed friends who are sporting great pieces about where they got their work done, or search through social media for artists that are putting out awesome work and get in touch to talk about what kind of ink you want done.

Carlos also says to do your homework and look for photos of an artists fresh tattoos as well as healed tattoos, as that can say a lot about the artist and their work. He also says while well-known tattoo artists are always a good bet, they can also be quite expensive and the wait-list might be pretty long. So keep in mind that there are some amazing artists who may not be as well-known – that’s why doing your research is so important. Always read reviews, comments, and testimonials about artists to learn more about how satisfied their customers are with their work.

Artists also travel for conventions and guest appearances in tattoo studios, so if you find an artists that are located in another country, keep your eye on their calendar as they may end up being in your backyard at some point.

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