Get Your Beard Summer Ready

—Urban Beardsman

It’s summertime, and that means breaking out your warm weather wardrobe, getting a fresh haircut, soaking up some sun, and making sure your beard is ready for the heat.

Protect It

Your beard is going to take a beating this season, with the UV rays from the sun, chlorine from the pool, and plenty of sweat from enjoying the great outdoors. In all that fun in the sun, it’s important to remember to keep it soft and clean. The best way to do that? With some of Beardbrand’s wash and softener. Remember, your beard hair and the skin underneath it are very different than the hair and skin on your head, and with all it’s going to go through this summer, you don’t want to over-tax your beard with added harshness from the wrong products. Beard washes and softeners are specifically designed to handle the coarser hair of your beard and the more delicate skin on your face, to keep your man mane clean, soft, and healthy.

Let It Grow

Just because it’s getting hotter doesn’t mean it’s time to chop that glorious man mane of yours down. A bigger, longer beard helps you beat the heat by blocking the sun from hitting your neck, and thereby helps keep you cooler. Not only that, but if you avoid trimming it, you’re getting a head start on peak growing months in the fall. That being said, there’s no reason to let it turn into a wildman beard. Make sure you have the right tools to keep it looking neat and tidy. We suggest a Beardbrand comb and their 100% boar’s hair brush.

Change It Up

When summer rolls around, we often times opt for a new hairstyle. We break out our favorite t-shirts and shorts. We throw on sandals or boat shoes and skip the socks for a few months. It’s all about change, and what better way to keep it fresh and prep the beard for the season than with a new beard oil scent?

We recommend Urban Garden beard oil from Beardbrand. The light, clean blend is the perfect mixture of cucumber, licorice, and outdoorsy freshness that is guaranteed to keep your beard cool and crisp even when the heat is on.

So make sure you’re ready for the next half of the summer with some of these ideas and products. Your beard will thank you.


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