Getting a Fade and Beard Trim

—Wil Mouradian

Chris is at the Gentleman and Rogue's Club to get a cut from Josh. Chris wants a full trim down to a 0 on the sides and back of his head, and only a touch off the top of his head trimmed. Josh will also be cleaning up his beard. 

The Fade

Josh uses a comb and clippers to start taking hair off the sides and back of the head, then follows up with a zero (this helps prevent clippers from snagging the longer hair). He then starts a fade on this guideline with a 0.5 guard.

He then blends into the hard guideline of the haircut using a 1.5 guard.

The Trim

Josh busts out the scissors and comb for a more accurate, textured blend into the full haircut on top of the head - starting from the back of the head, then the sides.

Chris wants Josh to trim an inch and a half off the top of the haircut, but to maintain his volume and shape. He pulls out sections of his hair away from the scalp and angles his cut downwards, perpendicular to the skull. When he moves to the front of the head, he combs the hair down across his forehead and only trims the edges of the bangs.

The Beard

Before he touches up the beard, Josh combs it down to identify the longer hairs and strays. He cleans up the cheeks and edges of the beard with a 0 guard beard clipper, then adjusts the shape of the beard slightly using a comb with the clippers.

He only cuts off the edges of the mustache, leaving enough room for Chris to eat but keeping a full and defined shape.

While the client declines hair product, he'd be a perfect fit for Sea Salt Spray or Styling Balm to give him some extra volume.

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