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Getting a Fade When Your Hair Grows Straight Out

Fluan came all the way from Berlin to get his hair cut and beard trimmed at Gentleman & Rogues club. Dave will be his barber today. He doesn't want his hair too short on the back but wants to keep the top with the same side sweep he has except add a slight part.

Dave starts with the clippers around the head. His hair grows straight out, so that makes it very hard to cut. Although, it does allow you to focus on creating a shape at the very beginning of the cut. He knows he can round off the harsh edge at the very end as well. Since this is only a 1 guard at the lowest point, Dave doesn't put in a line. Instead, he just works through the guards. Starting at 2, and working his way through a half and quarter guards until he gets to a 1. As he works from a 1.5 to a 1, he makes sure not to get too close to the beard as he doesn't want to taper it yet.

For the top, Dave combs the crown to figure out how it naturally lays. Fluan, wants his part on one side since that is the way he naturally wears his hair, but since his crown pushes the hair to the other side, the part would better if it flipped. So, they agree to put it on the other side. They aren't taking too much off the top, cause they need that length. So, Dave is mainly gonna focus on the back and sides.

Normally he would shave the part in with a razor, but Fluan wants to be able to flip it, so he wants to keep it fluid. Next, he uses a clipper over comb to take out the harsh lines created by the hair growing straight out. Dave sections the hair in half, back and front then works on connecting the ends. Before finishing the cut, he dries the hair to see how it will look natural. Lastly, he does a bit of scissor over comb to give it all a softer look.





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