Getting a Haircut That's Perfect for All Hair Types and Colors

Greg is hitting up the club today. He's gone to his barber Justin to get his hair much shorter on the sides. He wants to see a big beard with fairly short sides and wants it symmetrical so he can flip it to either side. First, Justin wets the hair to get it in place to how he thinks he wants it to lay and see where it's naturally parted then go from there. With hair like this, he likes to use a larger guard first to get a bulk of the weight out. It all depends on the hairline and what they want to achieve.

Since Greg has gray hair, his hair is a little harder to cut. The lines can be a bit deceiving since there are multiple different colors of hair. So, to combat this, he takes the same guard all the way around, then takes a 2 guard to blend the area between the 1 and 3. Then takes a 1.5 to get the line out between the 1 and the 2. Next, he tapers off the neck line to give it a nice clean finish. He tapers the sideburns as well and works his way through the open and closed guard to give it a nice look. Usually, the neck and sideburns are taken much shorter than the rest of the hair cause they will grow and flare out if not.

Justin takes a trimmer and cleans up the area behind his ears, temples, and neckline. For the top, he parts it to both sides and leaves weight on both sides so Greg can part it how he likes. He uses his fingers to make a guide, cuts, then combs it all to the front, cuts, and finishes by holding it like a mohawk and cross checking his work.

To blend it, he combs it all to one side and connects the shortest hairs with each other, then does it again on the other side and around the back. Next, he blow drys the hair to see how it lays naturally now that the cut is done, then goes in with thinning scissors to take some of the weight out so it'll be easy for Greg to style later.




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