Getting a Hard Side Part with Thin Hair

—Josh Lawson

Back to the grind at Cut & Grind with Andy getting his hair cut and beard trimmed by Skye! They want to start off with hair and work their way down to the beard. For hair, Andy wants a 1 around the sides, preserve the part, and take some of the length off. With side parts like this, they tend to flop after a bit since one side will have all the weight instead of hair growing all the way around. Skye is just gonna blunt cut the fringe and cut make it all look clean. If you have a shaved part, it does grow back quite quickly though. For the beard, Andy is at the length he is happy with, so he just wants to trim it up and square it off.

Sophie Skye takes the clipper over comb and uses it to put in her guide so she wont go too high later. She angles it around the back of the head and follows the previous shape she put in last time. Then she goes to a 1.5 guard and goes all the way around the sides, angling down when she gets behind the ear. After switching the guard closed, the process repeats and then goes again after changing to a 1. Since he has a bit of a curl in the back, she flips the clippers to get it closer to what the rest of the cut is. Then she goes in with the detailers around the ear and the back of the neck. A 0 is used on the back of the neck with a light hand to give is a nice look.

She switches to a scissor of comb around the side part to soften up that edge. Skye cuts in more as they go through it by angling the comb out. She brings the part to where the previous section was and cuts it to match how it used to be. The fringe is cut down a little bit using a blunt cut. This also helps thicken the ends up. For the hard part, she clips the rest of the hair to the side so that a detailer can be used to get the line back. Then she goes in with a cutthroat just clean it up. A little talcum powder is put around the head, so Skye can get rid of all the little hairs the detailers missed.

Before trimming the beard, she gives it a good brush. The uses a comb to line up the beard and trims the edges. She doesn't want to raise the cheek line, so she just gets rid of the little hairs that don't really connect. She also lines up the neck with the detailers and a comb, being super careful around the adam's apple. It's always best to trim down so the hair doesn't get dragged against the grain. Since the stache is done growing, they graduate the trim of it and get it out of his mouth. Then she uses thinning shears to soften the edges and takes the ends in slightly.

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