Getting a Major Beard Trim at the Barbershop for Summer

—Eric Bandholz

Today we have Louis coming into the Cut & Grind barbershop to get his beard chopped down in preparation for summer. He's working with barber Sophie Sky. Louis has had his beard for about two years and it's a quite sizable beard. Before getting it trimmed it's approximately 3" long, or about a six month beard.

Because Louis wants a pretty drastic trim, Sophie is planning to trim in stages and that way go too short. Her trimming techniques start off by using a clipper with a 6 guard and ends up going with a 5 guard based on the feedback from Louis. It's important to use the clipper in multiple directions to get an equal trim of the beard.

Once the beard has been set down to the appropriate length, Sophie begins setting the edges with the detailers. It starts with a trim by the sidelines and around the neckline. She's going with a more natural line and keeping a pretty deep neckline. She is following the same strategy and techniques to the cheek line and working with the natural shape of Louis's cheeks.

Instead of doing a hard line for the neckline, she's going with a natural taper of the neck. This style will give Louis a little bit lower maintenance requirement for the upkeep of his beard. After trimming the mustache, Louis has a squared off beard shape with a natural neckline.

Trimming with clippers can cause some damage to the hairs, so it's important to treat the beard hairs right after the trim. The final touch is to apply some Temple Smoke Utility Balm to hydrate and condition the beard. The before and after is quite a difference as Louis has taken off about 2.5" worth of beard growth.

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