Getting a Rounded Beard Trim at Barbershop

—Eric Bandholz

We're back in Cut & Grind Barbershop with barber Davide Spreafico who is going to trim up Brady's beard. Brady has a thick brown beard, that is approximately 2" in length, or the equivalent of about 4 months of growth. He's looking at just trimming a little bit of length and clean it up, rather than a drastic change of style.

For this beard trim Davide is starting off with the detailing clippers and setting the sideburns and going with a rounded shape beard vs a sharper lined beard.

He's using a wireless clipper with no guard and free-handing the shape of the beard. It's a moderate trim and not a lot of length is taken off of Brady. One special technique that Davide is using is to trim the part of the beard below the mustache. This gives a little separation between the mustache and beard and allows for an easier time styling the mustache.

After cleaning up stray hairs with scissors, Davide comes in with some Temple Smoke Utility Balm to soften up the beard and condition it. The final beard look is a very smart and classic trim that will look good in the boardroom or at the bars with your friends.

As always, it's best to watch the video above and see the techniques and how you can either bring those to your bathroom or you can share it with your trusted barber / stylist.

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