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Going with a Summer Pompadour Haircut for the Heat

Today, we have Piere from France, who now lives in London, visits Cut & Grind for a new summer haircut. Jason starts off my mentioning that Piere wants to grow out his hair to style it into a pompadour. He mentions that he's going to give Piere a bit of a summer cut, as it is a bit hot in London right now. He's going to trim the back and sides with a 2 or 3, then push it all forward and up to give it the iconic swoosh, and finish it off with texture and a line at the natural side part. As far as the beard is concerned, Jason is going to taper his hair to the beard and create a seamless transition.

He clips Piere's hair into place, cleans his clippers, and get started on the trim. He holds a comb against his head and moves the clippers across to get rid of the dead ends and fly away hairs. They agree to start with a 3 on the back and sides, as they will end up with a 1.5 at the bottom due to fading and tapering in order to achieve a more natural look. Jason takes the clippers again and cleans the edges of Piere's sideburns, as well as the hairline around his ear. He takes scissors and a comb to once again clean up stray hairs.

He removes the clip from his hair and begins to work on his hair on top. He takes the hair that would lay flat on the back of his hair and trims it by about an inch. He disconnects the rest of the hair from the back and trims the edges by about an inch as well. He cuts at a small angle to give it texture, and allow it to have more movement. Jason then trims near the natural part, so all of Piere's air will blend together when combed back in the style he wanted. The last touch with the hair is hair lotion to clean and remove any excess product, blow drys his hair, and uses another texturizing technique that is meant to take a little weight out of the hair.

Jason goes back in and fades a little of the hair above his ears and near the natural part. He finishes the cut and style with pomade to accentuate the haircut, highlight the side part, and give Piere's hair more volume. As always, we end with a before and after comparison for his visit to Cut & Grind.

As always, it's easier to watch a haircut instead of reading how it was done, so watch it happen!





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