Getting a Textured Skin Fade With a Side Sweep

Lewis is at Gentleman & Rogue's Club today to get his hair cut by Charlie. He wants to get a mid to high skin fade, leaving some of the weight at the sides, and a ton of texture moving toward the front of the head. Charlie starts with a zero, finds the occipital bone, and uses the clipper up to that point. There's the baseline they want to follow across the head, curving where it's needed to follow the shape of Lewis' head and ending at the temple.

Charlie grabs a pair of clippers that allows him to take the hair even lower. He pulls Lewis' skin tall, and flicks out at the baseline they created earlier. Detailers are used to clean up any stray hairs that he may have missed before. He takes the foils out, and puts tension on the skin to get the best shave possible. As he gets closer to the baseline, the tension is released.

A 1 guard is the next step. Charlie goes in at the baseline and makes another line slightly above it. He takes out the .5 clippers and goes the same motion, except he flicks out near the line he made with the 1 guard. To take away some of the bulk, Charlie does a bit of clipper over comb. Then he moves on to Wahl Icons and flicks away at the line that is left after all of that. To finish the final line, he uses an open 0 and flicks at it until you can no longer see it.

Time for the top bits and some scissor over comb. He holds the comb against the head, then lifts it out as he reaches the top. Next Charlie sections Lewis' hair into a triangle. He gets the hair horizontal first and connects the shortest points, following a line he made for himself. Now he repeats the process vertically. Since he did horizontal first, the guiding line will always be at the bottom. Once it has been connected, he goes back through and does a bit of point cutting while holding his fingers in a rounded fashion. To add some extra texture, he runs a comb through the hair and pointcuts as the comb moves back.

Once the cut is finished, they add some Sea Salt Spray for a finishing touch of texture. Charlie gives Lewis a nice blow-dry, scrubs in some powder grit for a matte finish and some hold. Then he's done, and on his way home.




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