Getting the Ideal Haircut and Beard Trim for a Mature Man

—Josh Lawson

Steve came to Cut & Grind to see Hari get his beard trimmed by the best! They want to do the same cut they did last time: nice and short on the sides and back, nice and textured on top, and sharpen up the beard to get it nice and clean. His beard has a few hairs that flare out, and most people immediately think to cut them off. But when you do that, you only get rid of them for a few days. Ideally, as it grows longer it'll sit much nicer. Basically, they agree to taper the area.

He starts with a number 2 around the back and sides, then moves on to a 1.5 to begin the fade. It gives Steve a nice shape for a start. After that, Hari moves on to a .5, and take it super short and tight without making it a skin fade. He flicks away the blade to fade away the lines, then takes a 0 to the bottom of the back to give it a really sharp finish. Hari uses detailers around the ear to make sure those edges are sharp.

Steve really only wants to texturize the top, so Hari makes sure not to take too much off. He just skims the ends all the way around the top and keeps the general shape of it. Then he does a bit of point cutting, thinning, and channeling throughout the cut. This adds much more texture and brings some life into the style. Hari makes sure to blend the corners but uses different scissors to give a softer cut.

He combs the beard back toward the ear and shaves off the excess. This gives Steve a nice sharp line. Then he uses detailers to clean it up. For the stache, Hari trims up the little bits that hang just over his upper lip. He angles the stache and cuts it back, which also give it a ton of layers. To get the neckline in order, he uses the comb as his baseline and trims the bits that fall through it. Then he refines it by cutting it with scissors. They finish off with some Styling Balm in his beard and stache, and he's on his way home!

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