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Getting the Right Beard Shape if it's a Little Thin or Wispy

We've got a thin and wispy beard today. Our guy wants to take a lot of length out of the front and sides to get rid of it. So what the barber Josh is gonna do is take it in super short near the top and graduate it into the thicker bit. He freehands the sides that are sticking out. Josh makes the shape in the beard that they're trying to go for, but leaving it a little longer so our guy can comb it down and it'll still look good.

For the sides he ovverdirects the beard, lets it fall, and trims away the bits that hang out. For the neck and bottom, he combs it up and angles it down and take off the hairs that peak through the comb. He follows the line along the sides and back to help preserve the shape and create definition.

When dealing with the front length. Josh puts in a baseline with his detailers and matches it on either side. You don't want to push too far into the beard. Our guy prefers a softer curve look, so Josh puts in a square line at the bottom and freestyles the corners and edges. You have to constantly comb it to check the hairs that you missed. Another option is to take out a bunch of the thickness near the neck so when you're going about your day you don't feel all the weight around your head like a floatie.

Everytime Josh uses the comb, he keeps it as level as he can and brings it to the same place every time to make sure the beard looks even. Once the trim is done, he uses his hands to shape the beard lightly and give it the look our guy is looking for. Josh goes back in at the bottom and goes to the throat to make the beard a bit shorter. The detailer is kept level so the underside is flat. Not every hair will fit in the shape, but that's okay.

For the stache, they comb it to either side, and use a scissor to take off the bits that hang over his mouth. Then he does a bit of point cutting to thin out that bottom layer of hair. With the corner of the detailer he gets rid of some of the stray hairs that are higher up the cheek. The he fades the sideburns into his shaved head. The finishing touch is Tea Tree styling balm to hold his beard in place and keep the wispy bits down.





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