Gift Guide for Beardsman Lovers

With so many special occasions in a single year, it’s important to know what to gift the beloved beardsman in your life. We put together this comprehensive Beardbrand Product Guide to help you choose the best fit for your hirsute loved one (or yourself). If you need some help picking a fragrance, reference this FAQ from our Customer Experience team.

Beard Oil


This is any beardsman’s fundamental product. Beard oil comes in a small bottle, and you only use 4-6 (or more for larger beards) drops of it at a time. It helps condition the beard, helping repair dry and damaged hair, as well as giving it the soft texture that everyone loves to touch. It’s lightly fragranced, so the the strength of the scent (“sillage”) fades through the day. One bottle of beard oil tends to be a 2-3 month supply.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Boar’s Hair Brush, Utility Balm, or Alternative Fragrance Beard Oil

Utility Balm


Utility balm is a deep conditioner that’s used to nourish and moisturize both skin and hair. It comes in a relatively solid form which dissolves as it warms in the hands, then it’s applied to the skin, beard, and hair. This is similar to beard oil in that it’s used as a beard conditioner, but it it sits on the hair and skin longer, giving a longer-lasting experience than most beard oils. Customers also use it to moisturize their tattoos, help repair dry or cracked skin, and assist with the appearance of scar tissue. It’s extremely versatile, so if you don’t have a clue what to get, this is a reliable choice. Each jar lasts about 2-3 months.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Boar’s Hair Brush, Beard Oil, Styling Balm, or Alternative Fragrance Utility Balm

Styling Balm 


The light, marshmallowy styling balm is used to give your beard and hair extra hold and a satin finish. Unlike utility balm, it is not designed to condition - only to style. It is most often used similarly to a mousse or a hair gel, but it’s designed to minimize the typical damage that commercial products would have on delicate facial hair and skin. If your beardsman has a a huge beard that he styles or likes to style his hair, this is a popular choice.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Beard Comb, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, Beard Wash + Softener, or Alternative Fragrance Styling Balm

Mustache Wax


The medium mustache wax was designed to hold your mustache in place throughout the day while still giving a natural sheen. It’s got the hard texture of a tack or wax that softens when warmed in the fingers. If your beloved beardsman does a lot of styling, a 3-Pack of Mustache Wax is a solid choice. You simply scrape off a bit of it with your fingernail, warm it in the fingers, then apply directly to the mustache, styling as you go. This wax is useful even if the beardsman doesn’t style his mustache into curls - it’ll also help him keep his mustache out of his mouth and blend it into his beard more effectively.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Mustache Wax 3 Pack, Beard Oil, Mustache Comb, or Alternative Fragrance Mustache Wax

Beard Wash


Simply put, this is a shampoo that was specifically designed for your beard. Beard wash cleans the beard hair and the skin underneath without using the harsher chemicals that one might see in a commercial shampoo from a drugstore, which prevents unnecessary damage all around. This is a reliable gift for any beardsman, and pairs well with all of our grooming products. We recommend following beard wash with a matching softener for the best experience possible.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Beard Softener, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, Styling Balm, Boar’s Hair Brush, Mustache Wax

Beard Softener


Our beard softener is a paraben, silicone, and sulfate free answer to everyone who needs a reliable conditioner for their beards. Beard softener is used just like hair conditioner - let it set in the beard while you shower then rinse out before drying. We also have a Wash + Softener set available! We recommend using a matching beard wash for the best experience possible.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Beard Wash, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, Boar’s Hair Brush

Sea Salt Spray 


Sea Salt Spray is a popular styling product that’s used to add volume and texture to your beard and hair. If your hirsute gift recipient has longer hair or loves that windswept surfer look, this’ll be a great product to add to their care collection. It can be used in dry or wet hair - all you have to do is spray into your hair, tousle it, then dry (both air drying and a hairdryer work well).

Recommended Gift Pairings: Beard Wash, Beard Softener, Styling BalmBeard Oil

Boar’s Hair Brush 


The Boar's Hair Brush is the fundamental tool for any beardsman. The boar’s hair bristle is used specifically for beards. The bristle features a scaled texture that is perfect for cleaning up day to day grime and distributing oil evenly throughout the beard, all while gently massaging the skin to stimulate natural oil production and help exfoliate. Most beardsmen can’t live without one once they try it for the first time.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Beard Comb, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, Beard Wash, Beard Softener

Beard Comb (Large or Small)


Our beard combs were designed to glide easily through the beard without snagging or causing breakage. We picked a cellulose-based acetate to match our desired specs and chose a high quality manufacturer in Switzerland to hand-craft them with care to our standards. Each comb is polished to perfection for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Boar’s Hair Brush, Beard Oil, Utility Balm, Beard Wash + Softener

Mustache Comb 


Our mustache comb was built to glide easily just like our beard comb, but the tighter arrangement of teeth and portable size were designed with mustache styling in mind. If your beardsman has a well-groomed mustache, a comb is a must-have in his kit.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Mustache WaxBoar’s Hair Brush, Beard OilUtility Balm



We have worked hard to develop a pair of scissors that are not only functionally awesome, but also beautiful to look at. Scissors are another tool that most beardsmen cannot live without. These Beardbrand scissors were designed by our founder, Eric Bandholz, and feature a matte finish with gold accents. The handle is ergonomically shaped and designed to put your third finger through the hole and use the rest of the handle to rest your two fingers. This gives you more control when trimming.

The scissors are 5.25" and the blades are about 2.5" from tip to fulcrum and meet the requirements of TSA for travel. That being said, never put it past them to not know the current regulations.

Recommended Gift Pairings: Boar’s Hair Brush, Beard Comb, Mustache Comb, Beard Oil, Utility Balm

Collection Options

Fragrance Collections: If you’re in love with one of our offerings but don’t know which fragrance to pick, you can order a full collection of any of our products - this way you’ll deliver the full product experience without any doubts about which fragrance you picked.

Wash + Softener: This classic pairing ensures that your beardsman has his shower needs covered when it comes to taking care of his beard.

Beardsman’s Kit: This is our all-inclusive kit that includes our premium tools along with a pair of matching beard oil and mustache wax. It's a kit that a beardsman looks forward to using every day & will look fantastic with their grooming collection. It’s the *ultimate* gift for the beardsmen in your life.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder