Going From a Corporate Cut to a Skin Fade While Staying Professional

We've got Chris in the Barbershop, Gentleman & Rogues Club, today for a quick haircut from Ben. He really wants to change up his look a little bit and get a skin fade. They are gonna comb it back slightly, give it a slight part, and take the sides down to the skin. Chris also wants to trim up his beard a bit and just make it tidy.

Ben starts off with a higher guard and not putting a line in at first. He starts at a 2 and takes it down slowly until he gets to the foils. The clippers go all the way around Chris' head to give it a uniform look and make sure it all starts how he wants his longest part to be. Once at a 1 guard, Ben takes it down bit by bit then moves to a 0.5, repeating the same process at a lower point of the haircut. After that, the foils come out and he blends it through and we're left with quite a low fade. He flicks out when he gets to the line so the blend looks nice. Once the length is the way they both want it, Ben takes the 0.5 again and blends the two areas together again.

At the top Ben uses scissors to blend the sides through using a scissor comb technique. To clean up the bulk of it, he grabs the hair in sections and connects the smallest points and tries to make it look even without making it completely uniform. Then give is more life by using the thinning scissors to soften the lines, take out excess weight and bulk, and give it an over all cleaner finish. He finishes the haircut by using the detailers to give him a nice line on the side which gives him a hard part.





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