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Going from a Shaggy to Sharp Haircut & Beard Trim

Archie is back at the Cut & Grind Barbershop to get a little more aggressive beard trim and hairstyle. Davide Spreafico is the barber working with Archie and his very straight beard. Archie is on the fence about whether or not to keep the beard and wants to tidy up the mustache a bit.

Davide starts off with a number two guard clippers to set the length at the temple areas and follows his head shape to set the basic shape for the sides. After taking the sides down, Davide begins to trim the top of the head and blend it into the sides. His technique is to blend it in a way that allows a longer time in between haircuts.

Once the top length is established Davide moves to the bottom of the neck and begins the fade from the neck to the head. The next step is to pull out the detailing clippers and create a line from the sideburns and around the ears to the back of the neck. He wraps up the neckline with a straight razor and being sure to check for any hidden moles or bumps as he cleans up the neck.

Next Davide moves onto the beard. Archie wants a pretty drastic beard trim and Davide suggests trimming less and then going shorter based on the feedback from Archie. After setting the first line, Archie gives the feedback of going a little shorter and keeping it tighter towards the jaws on the side. The final look is a sharp edged beard which is quite different than the longer & rounder beard he came in with.

After the beard is trimmed up, Davide moves to the mustache and trims it to the upper lip line and then tapers the tips of the mustache for a more tight mustache look.

The final step is to style the hair and beard. Archie is using some Tree Ranger Utility Balm to add a nice shine and conditioning element to the beard. The final look is a much younger and fresh look compared to the shaggy look he came in with. As always, do yourself a favor and watch the video in it's full glory.





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