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Going Monochromatic

There’s a huge misconception out there about stylish men and it is this: that it’s hard to look good. And I’m here to tell you that it’s a load of crap. Don’t be lazy, there are simple ways to make sure you look great every day. One of my favorite ways to ensure a winning look is to go monochromatic. It works great for both casual and formal occasions.

Monochromatic looks are easier than you think. And they will almost always make you look like you know what you’re doing. First off, you just choose a color and stick with it. Pretty straightforward, right? Go black, go navy, go emerald, heck even do white, just pick something and stick with it. I personally like the look of darker combinations but the same rules can apply to lighter tones as well.

While simple enough, keep these thoughts in the back of your mind when putting together a monochromatic look for yourself. If you want to give your look a little edge and personality throw in a texture or a print. Mixing a print with a solid of the same general tone will add more interest and take your look to a new level.

Another way to increase the style factor of your outfit is to go all monochrome but throw in one element of a contrasting color. If you’re look is made up of mainly a dark color, go light or bright with a pair of shoes. If you’re sporting a mainly light look throw in a dark tie. The unexpected pop will be the icing on the cake; if anyone was doubting your style abilities their will no longer be any question.

Photography: Steven Brooks Photographer

Models: Gwilym Pugh

Clothing: Suit by Samsoe & Samsoe / Sweater by Topman


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