Greg Berzinsky Gets a Massive Beard Trim

Josh Lawson

Greg is in the barbershop again, but this time he's going for a major beard trim. He wants to go considerably shorter, around 2-3 inches. His barber might be shocked at how short he really wants it, but as he looked in the mirror he noticed how good his beard is looking. Justin starts by taking the beard in slightly around the edges and the corners. He combs the beard down occasionally to check his work.

Justin slowly takes the clippers further and further into the beard, closer to the neck. He guides the beard back toward the ear and trims the bits that fall over that line. That was just the trim part though. To get it shorter, they place a comb over where they want his beard to be and follow that around with the clippers. Then Justin gets all the flyaways he missed earlier and trims the underside.

After that, he uses scissors to soften up the edges of the trim. They can't do much with the harshness of the edges since they don't want to lose much more length. To help a little more, Justin gets the beard wet, then gives it a blow dry while brushing it to get Greg's beard to curl more downward instead of just ending straight out. To finish off, they add Styling Balm to his beard for some added control.

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  • Checking out your videos, What product does Greg use in his hair ? Please let me know.

    Carlos Guerra

    Carlos Guerra on

  • I’ve just started using your products for my new beard. So far, I love the feel and scents, especially Lumber Yard and Temple Smoke.
    Your videos are also great, and so are the barbers, especially the ones Greg Berzinsky goes to. Could you recommend great beard barbers in New York City or Brooklyn. I actually live 100 miles away from New York, but I’ve had a very hard time finding barbers who trim my beard with care and attention. However, if you do know any beard barbers nearer to my home in East Hampton, NY, I’d appreciate those referrals very much. I really hoping someone on your team has connections in the areas I’ve mentioned. Thank you very much.

    Dr Michael J Elinski on

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