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Greg Berzinsky Gets the Best Men's Haircut

Greg's come to Cut & Grind to see Hari for a beard trim and a hair cut. Hari wants to start with the hair first, but asks Greg what he wants to do. He wants the sides pretty tight and a natural taper in the back. Hari suggests different lengths for the top, but they decide to go with one that will leave some volume. He starts with the largest grade they have on the clippers, which is a 4, working his way up to create a square shape. Hari uses the mirror to monitor his progress and watches the shape he is starting to build up. Now he takes a 1 right at the bottom and works his way up. Then he uses trimmers to trim up the neck and uses them mixed with a comb to blend the sides together.

Here comes the hair. The goal is to create a square layer on top and get rid of most of the bulk of the head, so he point cuts into it so it's not as heavy. Plus, it'll give Greg a bit of texture. He does this across his entire head to give it an even look. he has medium textured hair, but as he has gotten older it's gotten finer. Most of the time he stops his barber from using thinning shears. Texturing the ends is ok, but not much more than that. Hari says if you cut into it a little bit it can soften the way it falls. Now he moves on to blending the top with the sides. It still has the hang over that Greg had when he came in, but now it is more of a blended part. They use some sea salt spray to coat his hair and give it some really nice volume after they blow dry his hair.

On to the beard. The main goal was to make it not as wispy. He's not going as extreme as they usually do because of the wave and streaks in the hair. So, Hari works his way down the beard and slowly trims the edges away. After each trim, he lets the hair fall and goes back over the edges to get the fly aways. Next, he uses scissors to sharpen up the line on the bottom of the beard. Lastly, the mustache. He's trying to be very careful, as he doesn't want to get the root of the hair. He twists the edges, and cuts off the ends, and trims the hairs above his lip. They end with some styling balm to recreate the look he had when he came in.





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