Greg Berzinsky Styles his Beard

Emily Wylie

Greg Berzinsky for Beardbrand here today to show us how to go from this.

Start with a clean slate

Greg starts with a freshly washed and conditioned beard, which he does every other day. He can't air dry his beard, Greg says, or he looks like Bozo the clown (I doubt that very much), so he has to do some work to get his dapper beard under control. To achieve a similar style for a medium texture, medium full beard, follow Greg's advice.

Not too fine, not too course, Greg likes to add some product to his beard that will give him some more fullness, density and texture. Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray is added when it's still wet, working it in and then combing it through to distribute the product.

Blow Dry to coax hair

Greg takes a bit of the curl out of the sides and adds a bit of wave to the chin of his beard by blow drying and using a .5 inch diameter round brush. He works downward with a hot setting and then coaxes the hair under at the bottom. Once it's in the right place he hits the beard with the cool air option on his dryer to set the hair in place. At the jawline Greg uses the brush to roll the hair down and back.

The mustache today will be worn down so he uses the brush in a similar direction to pull the hair down and blend it into his beard.


Greg enjoys a lot of product in his beard so he uses a generous dollop of Spiced Citrus Styling Balm, works it between his hands to warm it up and then works that into his beard, following the same motion he did with the brush. Moving in the direction of the hair working it down and under.

Next, Greg uses a comb to smooth just the top layer with a beard and blend the mustache into the beard for a nice symmetrical finish.

This takes about 3 minutes on a normal day. He refreshes it in the morning and washes his mustache a couple times a day to rinse out food and drinks.


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  • Unlike WaniSabiDaddy I find Greg’s video to be quite genuine and extremely helpful. Beardbrand helps guys groom their beard to their liking. Like Greg I want the control and refined look. The products can help you achieve the opposite if you so like. As far as Greg’s before picture being purposefully unkempt, you should see mine in the morning. Greg’s looks tame in comparison.

    Thank you for a video that helps me achieve the refined gentlemen’s look I desire each day. And if you want WabiSabiDaddy’s west coast thing…Beard On! And thanks for being one of the most upfront and least deceptive companies I have ever purchased from. I’m a customer for life.

    Bran on

  • This was the best video I’ve seen! I want that mustache video, I need help brother!

    Tony Jankowski on

  • I guess SOME men like that metro-sexual, every-hair-in-place style. From my POV it’s unnatural, pampered and poser-like. Must be an east coast thing. Also, purposely making the BEFORE photo look unkempt so the AFTER photo looks better is a bogus move guys. I thought your brand was not about deception.

    WabiSabiDaddy on

  • I was watching my wife working with her curling hair dryer once and thought I’d give it a try on my beard. It’s essentially what Greg was doing with the round brush and the hair dryer, but it’s all one unit. I found that the fine bristle brush adapter works best for me over the hard plastic comb adapters some have.

    Al Caruthers on

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