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Grey Beard and Adjusting to the Transition

For an entire generation of men, shaving was mandatory. During the 1980's and 90's, it was essentially required to be “clean shaven” (or as we call it, “beardless”) to be taken seriously as a professional, but lucky for us, those days have come to a close. As corporate culture continues to take on a new look, men who weren’t allowed to let their beards flow previously are laying their razors down to embrace their bearded sides. However, what they’re seeing can be an eye opening experience.

When you start seeing grey appear in your beard, the most important thing to do, according to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, is to stay calm and recognize the change for what it is: a sign of maturity. At Beardbrand and Urban Beardsman, we’re about people embracing who they are and celebrating the changes that each of us, along with our beards, experience over time.

Look at this way: owning your silver beard lets people know that you’re more confident and successful than you’ve ever been. This is the new you and the man you’ve become is both wise and stylish.

If you are a little self-conscious about the salt in your pepper, we suggest keeping your beard well groomed and take more notice of how you’re dressing and presenting yourself from the top down. Take a few small steps towards elevating your style game and you’ll be feeling more confident immediately. We’ve curated this collection of awesome beardsmen with all grey or partial grey beards for inspiration.



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