Grow a Yeard in a Day

—Urban Beardsman

Growing a badass beard usually comes down to 2 factors: patience and genetics. Growing a yeard (year-long beard) normally takes 365 days. Well, not anymore! The folks at Beardbrand are stoked to introduce their latest ground-breaking product—Yeard-EZ Beard Extensions!

We get it, you’re busy and it’s a pain to keep up with your daily beard grooming routine. Or maybe your face has always been as smooth as the day you were born and you don’t foresee a beard in your near future. Yeard-EZ quickly gives you the killer beard you’ve always wanted without the beard grooming fuss. Plus, its patent-pending Clippy™ technology allows you to quickly and safely remove the beard extensions at any time.

Simply pick your color, then clip Yeard-EZ to the slightest amount of whisker scruff or your existing man mane. Yeard-EZs are that E-Z!

Yeard-EZ Beard Extensions by Beardbrand are perfect for:

  • Guys who can’t have beards in the workplace, but want to rock a beard as soon as they clock out.
  • Younger guys who are eager to grow a killer beard, but don’t want to wait for those follicles to kick in.
  • Current beardsmen looking to take their beards to the highest level of awesomeness.

“Honestly, I was skeptical until I posted the first photo wearing my Yeard-EZs and got 3,000 more Instagram followers!”


“My wife won’t let me grow more than a little scruff, but when she’s out of town, the Yeard-EZs are guaranteed to come out and release my inner beardsman. Thanks Beardbrand!”


Yeard-EZs are:

  • Made of REAL beard hair!
  • Diswasher safe (no more hidden food incidents!)
  • Available in 6 colors

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