Growing Your Hair and Beard With Biotin

Parker Mallouf

Growing your hair and/or beard out is both a mental and a physical battle. It takes time, and loads of patience. Your hair grows about half an inch a month. Measure from your current length, down to where you'd like to grow your hair or beard, then double it. Biotin is a great vitamin to support healthy, natural hair growth. Make sure to eat healthy foods along with supplementation to achieve optimal growth.


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  • Love the last tip, I definitely believe the most important factor in whether someone sticks through the journey or not is if they’re enjoying it. I have personally failed more times than I can count and every attempt my mindset for the awkward phase was just to tough it out. With how curly my hair is and how long the awkward phase is for my hair type, this mentality was always doomed to fail. However this latest attempt is different. I’m currently 6 months in, my hairs the longest it’s ever been, and I’m making sure to love every second of it. Hopefully I’m not jinxing anything, but I’m confident this is going to be the time that makes it and I can finally achieve a truly majestic mane.

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