Guide to Men’s Shopping

—Urban Beardsman

Today Carlos is here to talk about shopping, and whether it’s going to a brick and mortar store or finding clothes online, he’s got some vital tips to maximize your experience.

He admits that it took him a while to get into online shopping, as he’s more a fan of trying on clothes, building a relationship with shop owners and employees, and having the actual physical experience of being in a shop. If you’re going to buy online, Carlos suggests buying directly from a brand or a trusted retailer.

He also suggests taking advantage of the live-chat options many companies offer on their websites today, as well as doing your homework on return policies. If you aren’t sure of what size is going to fit to your liking, it’s important to be able to order a few sizes and easily return the ones that aren’t what you’re looking for.

Carlos is also a fan of vintage shopping – he shows off some of the items he’s picked up for great bargains, and talks about how you can find original, unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

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