Guys Talk About Beards

—Emily Wylie

Beardbrand is back on E 6th street to talk with some guys about their beards. An honest guy tells us he grew his beard out of pure laziness and that he only shaves it for halloween. What a joker.

We didn't have a chance to meet Joanne, but her boyfriend says she loves his beard. Antonio, aka, "Boogie" tells us that moisturizing is key to keeping a healthy beard.

A Sikh explains that it's a mans responsibility to care for his beard and tells us about a secret smelly oil he uses. (We might have to look into that).

Our next interviewee talks about street credit and how he feels his beard gives him a look of destined years but at the cost of enjoying a good bowl of soup.

Jaybone from the Berkley Chop Shop in Detroit gets a shout and Eric reveals his hidden talent as a street magician.

What's the common thread between everyones beard maintenance advice? We see it again and again. Beard oil for the win! You don't think you need it, but you do.


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