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Hair Trim with a Rounded Beard Trim for Medium Beard

Andre, a software engineer from London and big fan of Beardbrand and Cut and Grind, is at the barbershop today for a cut and beard trim. Andre has been in to Cut and Grind a few times so Master Barber Hari Efthymiades knows this client and what he likes. The plan is to take it nice and short on the sides and around the back. A square shape that is naturally and tapered at the back of the neck. On the top where the hair is quite fine Hari takes it half way down but add some texture to keep it looking full. 

Trimming Fine Hair

Hari explains that the hair sort of disappears because of how fine it is. To give it some more weight while it’s cut Hari chooses to cut it dirty and dry. He also uses blunt straight cuts. When the cut is done he will wash and dry it and then go back to fine tune. This will result in a much better finish. 

Hari starts with a larger #4 guard, working the way around the sids and back creating nice square shape. Hari uses the trimmers to get the natural taper at the back of the neck and clean up the wispy areas at the bottom and also around the ears. 

The beard

For the beard trim Andre is leaning to Hari for some advice on how to change it up a little with something that is still a good fit for his look.  

Hari's recommendation is to take the beard up just slightly to thicken the front up a bit and better suit the face and then round it out around the jaw. He starts by pulling the hair back towards the ear with a comb and trimming with trimmers to get the wispy hairs but not take off any length. Working around the jaw and under the neck with the trimmers you begin to see a natural curvature of the beard. Then Hari goes in with scissors to clean up the center. 

Adding distinction to the stache 

For the Mustache Hari trims the ends to create some distinction between the stache and the beard. Finally we add some styling balm to give it some texture and hold. To add styling balm, Hari works about a dime size amount between his hands and then applies it to the beard being sure to work it into the beard in a downward motion to create length, definition and smoothness with just a little hold and added form. 







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