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A Cheeky Little Haircut from Peaky Blinders

Carlos Costa is in out from behind the camera and in the barbers' chair. This time he's gonna mix it up! He's going for a similar haircut to Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) from Peaky Blinders. Mahesh is gonna bring the hair forward and give the top quite a bit of texture. The fringe is gonna come over to one area, and the sides are gonna be really tight. There's a little bit of a lip through the cut, so it won't be a perfect blend or fade.

Carlos actually started thinking of this haircut because his wife suggested it. They start by going in with a 1. Mahesh brushes Carlos' hair out of the way slightly to bring the fade higher. He takes the fade all the way around the head and brings it slightly above the occipital bone. Normally the cut would go pretty high, but in the recent season, the cut is a lot softer. His hair is super dark, so he's much better off at achieving the style.

They want to leave some of the weight lines along the side, so Mahesh takes a clipper over comb to soften up the ends while also squaring it off. He encourages the hair to move forward, but it might take a few days for the hair to lay in the new position. He goes around the whole haircut with a clipper over comb to take out some of the weight, but still leaving the square look to it.

To make the hair come around in the same direction, Mahesh uses scissors to connect the two shortest points of the crown and beings to comb it in a sweeping fashion to curve around the crown. You can see that since it is sitting down it will begin to flow around the head. The little section where the crown is pokes out a bit. To get around this, Mahesh leaves the length as is so they can put product on it to get it flat.

To help blend in the haircut with the sides, Mahesh combs the hair near the sides down over the weight line then cuts the hair off that extends beyond it. He cuts at a downward angle toward the face so they can maintain length through the front. Then they work their way through the haircut, cutting at the same angle that maintains length through the front. He uses the previously cut section to make sure he stays at the same angle all the way through. There is a little bit of an overhang, so they trim is a little so it doesn't annoy Carlos later. To make the cut a little nice, they trim the sides down a little to a .5 guard.

Then he takes texturizing scissors through the tips of Carlos' hair. He doesn't want to go right in, cause that will just strip the hair. Doing this technique makes the whole haircut feel a lot lighter and easier to dry. Usually, around the temple, there is a little bit of hair that doesn't fit with the rest, so he goes back in with some trimmers to even it out.

When drying they use the nozzle almost right along the hair while also brushing it down since they don't want too much volume. Doing this you can see how the hair naturally grows. They finish up by adding some Styling Balm directly to the sides to bring them forward and lay them down.





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