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Gentlemen, today things are getting hairy. Eric and Clayton sit down to about hairstyles and haircuts, and how to find a good barber shop.

The guys talk about their early experiences with haircuts and barber shops, and how a slew of bad haircuts led them both to spend a few years cutting their own hair to avoid paying for a bad cut. However they both agree that as they got older, they began to understand the value of a good haircut, and Clayton talks about his recent search for a good barber in Austin,

Eric and Clayton also discuss hair-loss, the fact that the majority of men will be affected by hair-loss at some point in their lifetime, and the treatments that are available to help keep your hair.

Eric goes on to explain the difference between “barber shops” and “hairstylists”, and that what you should look for in a good barber/hairstylist is their passion for the work – not someone who is just there treating it as a job.

The guys also bust the misconception that long beards and summer weather don’t go together – beards block UV rays and can provide some shade for your face, and if you’re hitting the pool, your beard will hold the water and act like an air conditioner.

Check out today’s episode to learn more about how to find the right hairstyle for you and what to look for in a hairstylist and/or barber.


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