Handsome Traditional Haircut

Mahesh is back yet again for another Beardbrand Barbershop Video, this time with his client David.

Today David is going to get a comprehensive cut and trim. Mahesh starts it off by trimming a guideline an inch down from the temple, around the crown, with a 1.0 guard.

He then combs the hair back from the receding line, using a wide tooth comb to trim the inch of hair below the temple around the head. From there, Mahesh manually trims and cleans the fade using the comb and unguarded clippers.

Once the sides and the back of the head are trimmed down and cleaned up, Mahesh aims to remove some length off the top of David's cut.

As always, Mahesh wets down the hair and combs it over from the recede line, then proceeds to manually trim around the crown with his scissors and a smaller comb.

Once the edges of the haircut are trimmed up, Mahesh sprays it through with Tea Trea Sea Salt Spray to give the cut some volume and texture as he blow dries the hair into place. He instructs the client on best practices for using a blow dryer for his cut - blowing up into the haircut, rather than down the hair or directly into the haircut.

Once dry, Mahesh applies some product and styles the the haircut into a loose, slicked-back look with a tight fade.






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