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The most popular day to wear a hat each and every year is the day of the Kentucky Derby in early May. That hasn’t always the case though. Hats used to be a wardrobe must. They were something a gentleman would wear on a daily basis, and I’m not talking about a baseball cap – I’m talking about fedoras, trilbys, flat caps, and the like.

Guess what also used to be something sported by many men, and has made a huge comeback as of late? That’s right! The beard. Coincidence? Nope.

Which is why I think it’s only a matter of time until hats make a comeback of their own. Hats and beards go together like two peas in a pod.

Hats complement the beard

I actually started wearing hats because I was losing my hair, which prompted me to shave my head. And being the fair skinned dude that I am, I didn’t want my scalp to burn. What I slowly started to realize, as my beard grew longer, is that my hats complemented my beard by drawing people’s eyes up. The bigger your beard, the more people start to stare at it. Wearing a hat will draw the eyeballs up towards the hat, which are a lot closer to your eyes. Granted, there’s really nothing wrong with staring at a beard, many may even like the attention. But a beard shouldn’t detract from anything. And a hat may help with that.

Need more proof? Check this out – women like the look! There’s a “beard and hats” board on Pinterest with about 460,000 followers.

It goes beyond complementing

Wearing some headgear does more than just complement your beard – a hat can protect you from damaging UV rays. If you sport a shorter haircut or are follicly challenged (like I am), a hat should be strongly considered. That’s because men are most likely to get skin cancer in the face, head, or neck. During the cold months hats can keep you warm, they can keep the rain or snow out of your eyes, and they can shield you from the wind.

With great looks comes great responsibility

Hats are used for both fashion and function. And, as an Urban Beardsman and gentleman, there are rules you need to follow if you do decide to wear hats. For example, you should take a hat off if you’re in someone’s home, at a place of worship, at work, seeing a show, and when the national anthem is being played. You can leave it on if you’re outside, at a sporting event, or on public transportation.

Top five hats every beardsman should own

Flat caps: Also called driving caps and ivy caps. It’s a favorite of mine. The flat cap goes with pretty much anything, and can be worn on formal occasions as well as casual occasions. I have two of these and probably wear one or the other every day.

Newsboy caps: Similar to a flat cap, but this hat has a slightly wider, floppier body. This distinction alone makes it more of a hat that should be worn on only casual outings. At the same time, because of it’s size, the newsboy cap will look right at home with a big bushy beard.

Trilbys: This hat is often confused for a fedora, and admittedly they do look similar. A trilby, however, typically has a shorter brim that is angled down in the front and turned up in the back. It is a more formal hat that looks great with a suit.

Beanies with or without a pom: Not only does this kind of hat look good on many people, but it’ll keep you warm (specifically your ears) during a cold winter’s night. If you live in a cold climate you know what I’m talking about. If you have never experienced a freezing cold day, just wait until you’re out in the 10 degree weather without one. You won’t forget it the next time.

Baseball caps: Last, but certainly not least, the good ole’ baseball cap. There’s a reason it’s so popular: it’s simple, and it works.

Runner-up hats to consider

You really can’t go wrong with the classic fedora in your rotation. Depending on where you live, the cowboy hat may be a necessity, if not required. The rounded bowler cap isn’t for everyone, but it may work with your style. I’d recommend trying it out if you’re not sure.

So beard on, and while you’re at it, consider adding a hat or two to your wardrobe! Because there’s no denying hats and beards complement each other, and that I can tip my cap to.

About the author:

By day, Keith King is a news producer in Dallas; by night, he’s a freelance writer. He runs his own travel blog called KeithKingReport.com. When he is not working you’ll find Keith looking for something new to experience. As for his beard, yeah, it’s growing on him (eh?!). You can follow him (and his beard) on Twitter: @The_KeithKing, IG: KeithKingReport.

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