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Holiday Gift Guide: Big Man on Campus

Round two of our Holiday Gift Guides goes out to you “beard bros on campus.” No doubt your beard brings you notoriety around your institution and your style should do the same. How do you pull off smart and stylish on a budget? Here’s a wish list that’s worthy of the dean’s list. Feel free to share it with those that send you care packages every semester… assuming you’ve made the grade.

You need jeans (you probably always need jeans). I’m a raw selvedge kind of guy, but that may not be in the college spending plan. This winter, check out fannel-lined jeans from Old Navy, great for kicking it around campus. At $39.99 they’ll keep your legs warm and your bank account cool.

L.L. Bean has been making outdoor goods in Freeport, Maine since 1912 when Leon Leonwood Bean (seriously) began as a one man operation. There’s a reason these are so timeless and making a huge comeback. Waterproof rubber-bottoms make it perfect for trucking across campus in rain, sleet, and snow. The original 8” duck boots are just what you need to weather the winter weather (so to speak). $109


You’re a dude, so you probably have the same backpack from your freshman year of high school (again, seriously). Consider adding a bit of style with this Retreat Backpack from Herschel. It’s got a classic cinch top and is a pared down version of their popular Little America Silhouette bag. Shown here in army green/black pu, it’s a statement maker and has a sleeve for your 15” laptop. $69.99

With a beard like yours, we know your face isn’t going to get cold whilst traversing the urban jungle of University but your noggin might. Goorin Brothers hats were established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895 by Cassel Goorin (note the castle logo on every hat). We love their fedoras and flatcaps, but in the winter it’s time to go to bean town. Keep it loose and keep it real with the Malibu Breeze beanie shown in camel. $35


You’ve probably noticed that most people at school have the same in-ear or over-the-ear headphones (no name dropping needed on these two). Stand apart with these retro-inspired Panasonic RP-HTX7-C1 Headphones. 40mm drivers deliver powerful bass and crisp mids and highs. Seven color choices offer unique and individual identity. $39.99

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