Santa Greg's Holiday Guide for Beards

—Wil Mouradian

Greg is with us for yet another awesome video - this time to discuss how to be the perfect Santa for your own beardsman. It's that time of year where we like to give our loved ones tokens of appreciation - gifts to let them know that we love them and think about them. What better way to show a beardsman that you love them than by giving them a gift for their awesome beard?

A Thoughtful Surprise - Find out who his favorite barber is and gift him a couple haircuts, beard trims, or a gift card. This simple gesture shows appreciation for the care and time he puts into his beard and cut, so it's a reliable gift whether he's a spouse, relative, or just an acquaintance.

Visit to take a look at these other great gift ideas:

For Mustachios: Mustache Wax is a thoughtful gift and a great stocking stuffer for men with a mustache. It's available in both the Silver Line and the Gold Line, allowing you to match the fragrance to the beardsman.

For Beardsman: Beard Oil is always a solid choice for a beardsman. Our Temple Smoke has just been reformulated for a better, longer lasting experience (it's a personal favorite of Greg's, and actually converted him from "Strictly Styling Balm" to a Temple Smoke Beard Oil enthusiast).

Temple Smoke Beard Oil

For Anyone: There are three different kinds of combs - the Large Beard Comb, the Pocket Beard Comb,  and the Mustache Comb - for any facial hair aficionado, and our Boar's Hair brush makes a great gift for any guy who grooms (it's great for styling your hair and beard).

For The Style Savvy: Styling Balm and Sea Salt Spray make for an awesome combination for anyone who takes the time to style and groom their hair.

For Enthusiasts: Does the beardsman in your life already use a couple grooming products, or are you trying to make more of an statement? Our kits are really great for both of those things, and make an impact when on display. The Beginner's Kit features your beard oil and mustache wax, but also wash, softener, and a comb for grooming.

For The Ultimate Beardsman or Gift Giver: The Beardsman's Kit is the whole beard care package - it features not only Beard Oil and Mustache Wax, but also our Boar's Hair Brush, hand-crafted Beard Trimming Scissors, all three combs, and a beautiful handmade walnut case for storage and display.

Beard Grooming Ultimate Kit

Still Not Sure?

If you don't know what to get for someone, you can always get a Beardbrand Gift Card or reach out to us at [email protected] for assistance in making the right choice. We're always here to help!



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