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Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy That Has Everything

Holiday shopping season has hit and if caught unprepared you’ll be wrapping a stack of gift cards purchased at your local grocery store on Christmas Eve. One of the most confusing types of people to shop for are stylish men. People get very intimidated about gift-giving for stylish fellas, not sure why. Maybe it’s because you already own a scarf? Or perhaps you not only care about the fit of your sweaters but how their color will mix into your wardrobe. Regardless of the reason here is a short list of items that any stylish man would want to receive this holiday season. Take note.

Keep Him Hydrated

Something none of us can go long without is water. We all know we should be drinking more water so a great go to go gift for any guy on the go is a Thermoflask. It not only comes in three classic, sleek colors but also comes in three convenient sizes. So whatever your guy’s lifestyle one of them is bound to fit. It keeps water cold for 24 hours and can even keep hot beverages hot for 12. Whether he uses it working out or takes it to the office it will be something he uses on a daily basis and will ultimately make him healthier. Now if that doesn’t deserve a great big “thank you” hug I don’t know what does. 

With a thermos like that, you're almost all set for setting out on an adventure to make new memories and have a ton of new experiences. The last thing you'll need is a mountain blanket! This will make it easier to enjoy the outdoors. You can make it into a hammock, a sleeping bag, or even just a blanket for a picnic. The choices are endless!

Handmade Is Always In

Handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts are always a perfect go to for the guy who has everything. Chances are he won’t have it and it tells him that you think he’s important to you. Origin makes minimalist, but very stylish accessories for men. Not only are they all handmade, but the leather is also hand dyed and everything is made and sourced right here in the USA.

Bump Up His Boozing

Assuming your stylish man enjoys a cocktail every once in a while a great gift idea is to pick up an excellent flask. While it’s not something he’ll take to the office every day, it’s something that every man needs. The best flask I’ve been able to find is made by SWIG. They are made from one piece of quality stainless steel so there is no risk of leakage. Plus, they offer versions wrapped in genuine Harris tweed as well as leather cases so you can customize the flask to the gent in your life. Even cooler? They engrave each flask with a unique membership number so they’ll know their flask is truly unique to them. Better than all of this? It stores booze. Enough said.

Underwear. (Yes, you heard me right.)

I’m speaking from experience on this one. We spend a significant amount of time in underwear, yet as men we don’t typically invest in quality underwear. If guys are going to spend money they don’t typically think to put it towards quality undershirts or underwear. Now this isn’t a gift that you give your neighbor, coworker, buddy, etc. at the risk of sending a message that says anything other than “Happy Holidays.” However, for family or significant others picking up quality undershirts from somewhere like Tommy John will not go unnoticed. They will quickly become the undershirts he reserves for special occasions—the ones where he wants everything to go perfectly. I’m talking from personal experience on these undershirts, so believe me when I say that he will absolutely love them.

The Gift of Good Grooming

A stylish beardsman’s arsenal oftentimes extends to more than just his wardrobe and means he has an established grooming routine. Give the gift of quality grooming products. Pick up a nice beard oil or beard softener from Beardbrand. Curated to be the finest beard grooming products on the market, Beardbrand offers all sorts of grooming products that are perfect for the stylish man that cares as much about his beard as his clothing choices. After all, a beard is an extension of the stylish man so doesn't it deserve the best?

Don’t let the holidays make you blue.



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